The Polar Bear Son: An Inuit Tale by Lydia Dabcovich

When an elderly Inuit woman, who is frequently forced to rely upon her neighbours for food, finds a small orphaned bear cub, she adopts him as her son and names him Kunikdjuaq. The little bear shares the old woman’s meager meals, plays with the village children, and forms a deep and abiding attachment to his adoptive mother.
Kunikdjuaq soon grows big and strong, and becomes a skilled fisher and hunter, sharing everything with the old woman and her village. But his skill causes the village hunters to grow jealous, and they decide to kill Kunikdjuaq. Warned by children who overheard the hunters’ plans, the old woman tells her polar bear son to flee but the faithful bear finds a way to remain true to his Inuit mother.
This old Inuit tale celebrates sharing, community, and the strength of a familial love. Beautifully retold, and illustrated, by Lydia Dabcovich, The Polar Bear Son is both a window onto Inuit culture and a reminder of the ties that bind all of us together.
FernFolio Editor

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