Miracle Dogs by Glenda Goertzen

Miracle Dogs
The Prairie Dogs, those small four dogs who became friends when they were strays living together in an abandoned badger’s burrow, have settled into a comfortable new life with Mr. Abram.  Pierre, Dare, Mew and Mouse, and old Sam, the basset hound, have even learned to perform a clever circus act that involves jumps and twirls and flips, one they and Mr. Abram have performed for the Telemiracle, a telethon to raise money for people with medical problems.
As much as he likes old Mr. Abrams and enjoys their new act, former agility dog winner Pierre can’t help but worry about Cinnamon and Pepper, his and Dare’s now three-month-old puppies.  He knows Mr. Abrams cannot keep the two active little creatures and during their appearance on the Telemiracle met several assistance dogs, so Pierre decides that, if the puppies can learn to be helpful, they won’t have trouble finding good homes.
Unfortunately, Cinnamon and Pepper have no interesting in becoming assistance dogs.  Like the Prairie Dogs, they love running around and playing and getting into mischief.  When their father scolds them, the puppies run away to look for adventure.  They run right into The Pride, a gang of stray and feral cats that have recently taken over the back alleys and lane ways of Silvertree.
After the puppies disappear, Pierre, Dare, Mew and Mouse go looking for them and, with the help of a tortoiseshell named Suzie, an old friend of Mew’s from back when the half-beagle thought she was a cat, trace them to the town museum.  The dogs slip inside through a broken window and make their way through rooms full of exhibits depicting the history of the area as well as its flora and fauna.  They reach a room lined with display cases that feature stuffed birds and animals in front of painted landscapes, and find one of them is filled with kittens.  In an eagle’s nest at the top of a fake tree in that same display they spot Cinnamon and Pepper.
It’s a trap, of course.  Within seconds, the Prairie Dogs are surrounded by scores of mean-looking cats.  They put up a good fight but the dogs are quickly subdued.  Then Sadira, the leader of The Pride, shows up and lays out the situation to Pierre and his friends.  One of her kittens was captured when she snuck in to grab a piece of liver from a local restaurant.  Sadira expects the Prairie Dogs to free her and, since Cricket is deaf and won’t survive long as a stray, find her a good home.  Pierre and his friends have until nightfall to do this otherwise they won’t see Pepper and Cinnamon again.
What follows is a mad romp.  The small dogs conduct a raid on the restaurant and, while Mew, Dare and Mouse run amok in the dining room, Pierre sneaks into the kitchen and liberates Cricket.  He also accidentally starts a kitchen fire before he and the kitten and the other dogs make their getaway.
Cricket, it turns out, is a small fluffy white ball.  Pierre figures, once he’s had a good look at her, that it will be easy to find someone to adopt her but he’s going to have to keep her from escaping long enough to do so.  Cricket clambers onto a pickup truck which roars off almost before the dogs can jump aboard.  At the edge of a snow-covered field, the truck stops, and its driver climbs onto the snowmobile in the back and takes off.
A frantic Pierre catches sight of the kitten peering out from the hood of the man’s jacket.  When, at last, the snowmobile and its driver returns, the kitten is nowhere to be found.  The dogs track the kitten by following the snowmobile tracks to a nearby farm.  There they meet a dog named Mick who, when he learns about their mission, leads them to the barn where Cricket is busy eating his kibble.  The Prairie Dogs hide and watch as Mick takes Cricket to the door of the farmhouse and barks.  The door opens and a grey-haired woman picks up the kitten and cuddles her.  Pierre knows Cricket has found a good home.  The dogs hurry back to town and the puppies.
In the end, it will take a combined effort to rescue Cinnamon and Pepper from the clutches of The Pride.  Mouse, the Chihuahua, will have to overcome his fear of cats, and Fishsnitch and Nibblebone, their skunk friends will lend a hand… or, rather, a whiff.  An old fox fur stole will provide a handy hiding place and terrify the cats when it seemingly comes to life.  Old Sam and a cantankerous old woman in a wheelchair will have to break into the museum.  Displays will be knocked over, pottery smashed, stuffed animals unstuffed, and artefacts dragged every which way before the puppies are safe and happy with their new human, and peace is finally restored.
Written by Glenda Goertzen, Miracle Dogs is the third book in the Prairie Dogs series, and tells the madcap and action-filled story of Pierre and his three small friends who have to rescue a trapped kitten and find it a good home if they are going to save their own two puppies from a gang of alley cats.  An amusing book for animal lovers from Grade 4.
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