I am a teacher-librarian at a K to 8 school in south Toronto.
I love books, and I believe that reading is fundamentally important for the development of a thoughtful, intelligent and creative individual.
The purpose of this blog is to share good books, and to celebrate literacy programs and reading-related activities in my Library!
FernFolio Editor

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  1. Hello, I work for Fitzhenry & Whiteside and I saw your entry on Jakeman. Can you send me your contact info so I can add you to my list of blogs?


  2. This blog is a great idea, Ellen. I’d like to show it to our librarians here at Nelson Mandela Park. Your kids are reading some great books!

  3. Thank you for your support of reading. It’s people like you who keep people like me in business. And thank you for the generous review of my book (When the Sergeant Came Marching Home).

    All the best, Don

  4. Hello,

    I am Eric Zweig, author of “Fever Season.” Thank you for your kind review of my book and for your enthusiasm about reading and libraries.

  5. Hello, Thank you for your detailed review of our novel, Bank Job. I can see that you read it thoroughly and thoughtfully.
    I have a brand new novel out this week, Run Marco Run (Ronsdale) and I’m wondering if we could send you a review copy. Thanks, Norma

  6. Hello FernFolio Editor,

    We would love to send you some children’s books for your review from Oolichan Books publishing company. Is there a mailing address you could reach you at?


    Oolichan Books, Administrative Assistant

  7. Dear FernFolio Teacher/Librarian:

    If you’d care to email me your name and address, I’ll send you a copy of my new book (“Out in Left Field”). It continues Donald’s journey, which started with “When the Sergeant Came Marching Home”.

    Cheers, Don.

  8. Dear FernFolio Editor:

    I work at Tradewind Books – we publish Paul Yee, including the Shu-Li books which you have reviewed – and we would like to add your contact information to our mailing list. Could you send me your mailing address? Thank you.

    Shed Simas
    Admin Assistant, Tradewind Books

  9. Hi FernFolio,
    I was pleasantly surprised to read a review of my book “Full Steam To Canada”. Thank you for your endorsement and for such a thorough description of the story.
    I have just finished the sequel which gets the characters to their homesteads in the Colony of Britannia. In fact, they just voted to name their new village “Lloydminster” to honour the Reverend Lloyd who assumed leadership after Revend Barr left in disgrace [which is why the city is not called “Barrminster”.
    I appreciate your on-going hard work to keep the reading public apprised of new Canadian books in children’s literature.
    Anne Patton [author]

  10. Hi FernFolio Editor,

    Your blog is very inspiring! I would love to have my publisher send my two picture books to you for review. May I please have your contact info? I’ll be presenting at the OLA super conference too.

    Thank you!
    deborah Fannie Miller

  11. Dear FernFolio,

    Thank you for your comprehensive review of “Brothers at War.” Your blog was posted on the 102nd anniversary of the beginning of the War of 1812 — and although not specified, the date of the last scene of the book, where Jake and Eli promise to meet again. Scholastic will release book 2 of their adventures this winter under the title “A Hanging Offence.”

  12. Dear FernFolio,

    I really adore your blog and would love to contact you with a review of a book that -based on your most frequently used tags- could be very interesting for you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you, best,


  13. Dear FernFolio:

    I love your blog! Thank you for your review of my children’s novel, Miracle Dogs. I will post a link to it on my website. Could I send you a copy of my latest YA novel, Lady Oak Abroad?

    Glenda Goertzen

  14. Dear FernFolio,

    We, a Public Relations firm in Vancouver called Brix Media Co, love your blog and would love to send you a book.

    Given the current focus on products and experiences for kids as they head back to school, I thought you might be interested in the launch of “Birthday Thief,” a children’s book that combines storytelling with technology to create a birthday book designed around a child’s name, gender and birthdate.

    Most well-known for Lost My Name, the children’s book that attracted global attention with a 8.5 million dollar investment from google ventures and reportedly sold 2.6 million copies worldwide, the startup Wonderbly wanted to create a special and hyper-personalized book for children based on birth dates. Throughout the story, the main character’s birthday is stolen and he/she travels through a mysterious trail to find it.

    If you’d be interested in covering the book, we’d be happy to create personalized books for any little ones in your life. In order to do so, we’d need the following:
    Child’s name
    Gender and skin colour
    Date of birth
    Shipping address

    Let me know. You can contact me by email at hilary@brixmediaco.com or by phone at 604.215.2749.

    All the best,

  15. Dear Fern Folio,

    My name is Andrew Katz, and I am a picture book author and English/Creative Writing teacher based in Montreal. I’m getting in touch because I recently co-wrote a picture book, How To Catch A Bear Who Loves To Read, which will be coming out this November with Crackboom Books, for children roughly ages 4-8 years old (please see link below), and my publisher is looking for people who might be interested in receiving an advance copy of the book in order to consider giving it a review. If, after reading a bit more about the book, you would indeed be interested, is there a mailing address to which the advance copy could be sent?

    A little about the book: it features a spunky young heroine (about 7 years old) named Julia who is the kind of girl who climbs trees with her squirrel friend, plays hide-and-seek with her groundhog friend, has farting contests with her skunk friend, and who tries to attract a bear friend with honey and blueberries, all in the forest by her house. At the same time, she is imaginative and reflective, the kind of girl who reads for long hours under the trees and fantasizes about one day expanding her friend circle to include a bear. (Imagine the hugs!)

    It is also a book about books; it celebrates the way a book can inspire us to explore new corners of our world and of ourselves. The story borrows some elements from traditional western children’s stories and tales (e.g. Winnie the Pooh, Goldilocks)––a forest where a child is free to play; animal friends, including a bear––while aiming to bring those elements together in a fresh and surprising way.

    A bit about my co-writer and myself and our illustrator: I am a Quebec anglophone, Juliana a Quebec francophone, and we came up with the story together, then proceeded to each write our own version, mine in English, hers in French. We would pass our versions back and forth to each other as we went along, discussing and suggesting edits to what the other had written, until gradually the two versions aligned. The result is that both an English and a French version of the book will be released simultaneously, neither a translation of the other, both written originally in our mother tongues, yet each informing the other. In this way, as well as being the fruit of two imaginations, the book is also the fruit of two languages.

    The illustrations have been done by a Gemini-award winning illustrator from Toronto, Joseph Sherman, who we were very fortunate to work with, considering that this is a first picture book for us.

    And a bit about our publisher, in case you’re not familiar with them: Crackboom Books is an imprint of Chouette Publishing, which is an independent Quebec publisher founded in 1987 and the creator of the Caillou books.

    If you have any further questions about the book, feel free to let me know, and we look forward, hopefully, to sending you an advance copy.

    Thanks in advance for you time.


    Andrew Katz

  16. Hi Fern Folio,
    I would love to send you some children’s books for review either print or digital copies. What is the best way to reach you?


  17. Dear Fern Folio, I am hoping that you would consider reviewing two of my soon-to-be published picture books: How Hope Became an Activist (Dixi Books, UK) and Marisa and the Mountains (Simply Read Books, Vancouver). Many thanks for considering, and please let me know how to proceed. George M. Johnson.

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